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Let’s wind the clock back 10 years.
Written by : Simon-Robert: Thomson.
Let’s wind the clock back 10 years.

To a time where everyone thought I was nuts for taking risk after risk after risk.

How times have changed.

Let me explain.

10 years ago, everyone I knew in my circle, all my lawyer friends, entrepreneurs and CEO’s. People who were working 20 hour days, dragging themselves from their desks at 3am, getting up at 7am and doing it all over again. People who were lost in their work 'building their empires', just like I thought I was.

They all woke up one day to discover that everything they worked so hard for was gone. People across the country stared in disbelief as their accounts all read zero. Every last £ or $ had vanished.

They lost their homes. They lost their business. And because their businesses shut down, they had to let their staff go. Everyone lost their jobs.

Then for the rest, the service providers like lawyers or accountants, who did manage to keep their job and keep going, there was the psychological aspect - the fear, the potential that the next time it could be me", or the realisation that "job security" really means nothing these days - the reality being that most are just two months, two paychecks away from obscurity...

That was the world in 2008. That was the reality.

It wasn't right, it wasn’t fair, but it’s what everyone had to deal with.

For some people, tough times are a reason to get real. For some people, adversity brings out the wake-up call. They start to pay closer attention to what's actually going on in this world. They bring their game up to match the challenge with a fresh perspective on life, self, and mind. They look the difficulty in the face, square in the eye, and take action to pull through and better their situation, because they realise that no one else is going to better it for you.

I hope you’re in that group. I hope you wake up.

Because, 10 years ago, I did.

Once you learn to wake up, once you learn to dust yourself off and decide that no failure is the end for you; that you are going to pull yourself out of this hole and find a way to win again, do yourself a favour… don’t make it about the money.

Focus on the people. Focus on the relationships. Focus on who you can help lift up. Focus on the value you deliver. Do this and I promise you, you will build something that can endure the next storm.

Never, ever, tie your self-worth to your net-worth.

It’s a new era. It’s a new game.

It’s not about suits and ties. It’s not about slick rides or Gucci belts.

It’s about having an open mindset, and a fresh perspective on life. It’s about opening doors and collaborating with the people that are making amazing change in the world.

It’s about getting the job done because the playing field has changed again and the new winners are embracing a new way of being, that does not revolve around ego competition and pushing hard. It is no longer survival of the fittest.

You play the game or you sit on the sidelines and watch.

And the reason for this pic? Is that for me, one of the most life-changing things I ever did to shift into this new way of being, this new individual capable of facing real challenge, with true mental agility and strength... It was only when I started and dedicated myself to a practice of Yoga, that everything began to change for the better.

Daily inspiration of the day over :)

Stay whole my friends!

: Simon-Robert: Thomson.

and remember... The Truth Pays Dividends!

: Simon-Robert: Thomson.

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