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Who Am I?
Written by : Simon-Robert: Thomson.
More on my story, my journey to becoming a lifestyle and health coach to the most wonderful people here on this wonderful planet of ours, and some background to the reasons why I shifted from a regular job into the field I now play in...

My story starts growing up on a tiny island called Jersey, off the coast of France (and surprisingly not even close to America!).

I enjoyed a very happy childhood, being supported in whatever endeavour I chose to undertake, be it music, sports, learning new things, participating in different school groups. I was raised in a home where work ethic, making sure to "be the best", to make sure I "got the job" I needed, was foremost in my upbringing.

And this really stood me in great stead in early adulthood.

To cut a long story short: I graduated from high school as a straight-A student, I walked into the best university law degree at the University of Nottingham - one of the UK's best colleges to study law - and I walked into the best Law School for post-graduate, walked into a high-paying, high-level legal training contract job at a Magic Circle law firm in London UK, literally.

And then on qualifying, I worked at possibly the best law firm in the country.

Once I realised that that experience was contriving to nearly kill me, I then walked into one of the most prestigious US-based law firms in London, feeling as though this would be more of a challenging and enjoyable experience... Again, nearly killed me. (I did say this would be the long-story short version, didn't I? :))

Right now you might be thinking: "Who is this guy? And why is he bragging about stuff being so easy so much??" The reason as I will explain, all comes down to Mindset - and how without the correct mindset things can be a lot more challenging, as we shall see...

So in 2009, I decided to fully quit the law, and pursue life as an entrepreneur... I had already tasted success with starting and exiting from a company I had run as a side project during my trainee legal days... And so I was keen to continue this journey.

So I took the leap of faith and started up in business, creating a company that was prominent in the technology space, especially for its time. It was quite "before its time" some might say, and was focused on helping folks find the best bar or restaurant that they personally would love, based on their personal preferences and the kind of person they are. We called it Source.

And wow, it was a fun project... It took me from London UK, to Auckland New Zealand, to Dubai UAE, to Jersey CI, to Florida United States, to New York, to Toronto, to San Francisco...

Here's a video explaining what it was all about, that I created myself at the very beginning of these early entrepreneurial days:
And we created an amazing team:

Some of the most brilliant minds in the technology space that America has, a social media powerhouse team, the most astoundingly brilliant creative and design team I could have hoped to work with, a video production and marketing team that were beyond amazing - pretty much everyone who joined were better than a company of our infancy really should have "been able to work with" at that stage in our growth... (You can see some of the quality of what we all achieved together in the videos below).

So the pressure was mounting to make this project come to fruition, and fully "take" in the market - which for a project like we had, really required significant investment dollars to pour into the company. 

Here's the thing: Whereas earlier in my life, career, and transition from one thing to another, everything was "easy" or felt very easy to accomplish, right now pretty much everything about being an entrepreneur felt like a struggle. And when I look back on it even now, I can see that it actually was a struggle...

This is a typical example of the way things would go in business during the early days: We would raise portions of the investment that was required, but it was never quite enough to get the project over the line and into the higher investment rounds, the $1-5M amounts... However, just when we thought things weren't going to continue, we would raise the next round of financing that was needed for the early stages. But again: "Just not quite enough" to bring us to full launch.

At one point, around 2014 we had reached the stage where all was looking pretty amazing for being able to actually launch this project fully...

Then everything "went pear shaped" as we say in the UK... Investors who had been "in" or confirmed, decided to pull out, or ghosted us. Then costs started to mount internally, like on marketing, new builds of technology required, etc.

So in the middle of 2015 we focused all that we had into a really exciting final project that we really felt - and we fully researched - would catapult the project and help the public like nothing else. So we decided to crowdfund the final investment raise.

And it went amazingly.

The small amount of $25,000 we were looking to raise, we gained in literally 24 hours after launching... So - and this is where things turned real pear-shaped - we launched another, virtually identical crowdfunding, to seek to push that amount up beyond the $100,000 mark, to the $1M mark, and fully into "final tech build mode" and be able to launch.

Here is the promotional video we used for that campaign:
As you can see, there was no quality spared, with the creative production and video team we created this with.

(But as you can also see, the stress was starting to take it's toll on my body - as I had gained some pretty significant weight at the time of filming).

We had billionaire social execs in New York calling me up to heap praise on what we had achieved with the campaign, we had social media giants join our social team to help, and I had local news teams requesting interviews left right and centre... It was all becoming like these "take my breath away" moments.

So we launched the second new campaign.

Here are two of the interviews ABC featured us in:
All looked to be going perfectly...

And then it died.

Pretty much zero. 

Hardly any backer investment from the public - especially after the original crowdfunding had gone so amazingly well... We were even contacted after the event where Entrepreneur magazine created a feature about this campaign, which you can read about here too.

(I couldn't figure out why things went the way they did, however I now know *exactly* why this campaign went the way it did - and this is something I share in the Lifestyle training of The Truth Series, for those of you who don't wish to repeat the same simple mistake I made at this time. You can Join The Truth Series Here)

So, here we were:

Without the required funds to finish the tech build, market and launch this project that I and my family and my amazing team had poured so much of our effort, heart and soul into, to make work.

It was this moment that was the moment that I realised everything had to change, or otherwise things were going to get quite difficult for me, health-wise.

As you can likely imagine: The stress, the exhaustion, the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the classic entrepreneurial rollercoaster of excitement and disappointment... Was about to take it's final toll on me, if I didn't, just, stop.

So many questions were rolling around in my head:

Why did this funding not succeed?
How, with the stellar A+ team we had, did this not get launched?
How come none of the big investors we spoke with over the past 4 years decided to come "in"?

(If you'd like the answer to this, you will find it in the Mindset portion of The Truth Series, which we cover first of all. As a teaser 'snippet': The reason for my seemingly 'bragging' earlier about just how easy things were for me - walking into this college law degree, into that job, breezing into the next job etc etc - was to demonstrate that I had a robust mindset for 'getting a degree' and 'getting a job'... I did not at that stage, however, have a robust mindset for "being an entrepreneur" - which is something I have had to subconsciously "install" into me, since realising this lesson).

So I took time out. For me.

Finally for the first time in all my "working adult life" - I just chilled for a period.

I went to yoga.

I did the meditations.

I soothed and self-medicated myself in what I realise now could have turned into an alcohol "issue" (however, thankfully, I avoided that slippery slope just in time).

I wasn't feeling depressed in this moment, but anxious and depressive episodes were certainly becoming more frequent.

So here I was: Reflecting on all these past years, of ups and downs, when I just found myself sat on the beach one day with my wife, and said:

"You know what? I'm just going to relax, take some time off, and just see if I can get the energy back from before I started all this work thing, even before the time I became a lawyer in London a decade ago."

So I dedicated myself to a new focus: Figuring out exactly how to get my body into the shape I had always dreamed of when I was a youngster.

Whereas before, when I as doing the 9-to-5, I was listening to the traditional advice that everyone gives and they say, you know:

- Train at the gym
- Start this diet, this "next new thing"…
- Eat this, eat that…

So I listened to that advice, and then I ended up even more overweight, depressed and anxious - suffering panic attacks, almost daily at one point.

And so I just looked around and I was like: “Is this it?”

“Is this what the rest of my like is going to be like?”

And then I thought: “Where did I go wrong? I listened to what everybody said… How could everybody be wrong?

And this really brought me into questioning everything. I started questioning my choices, I started questioning why I was doing all these things people told me to do, and why I wasn’t doing something else.

And these questions really led me to start quitting on all this advice I’d been given, deeply researching in this area, and start figuring out exactly WHAT TRULY WORKS to lose weight and gain that balance back in life.

So the first body experiments I did went horribly wrong. I gained no energy, I burned myself out, and I made pretty much every mistake that someone could possibly make.

And it was a very dark and troubled time of my life.

This was a "keto phase" I went through.

However this led me to really discovering a few key things, and to really cracking the code of how to gain true health, REAL energy, and great healthy weight loss.

And as I started to learn these things and apply them, my life and my health transformed exponentially.

Now the first time I was experimenting with dieting I achieved nothing… I got it all wrong and nearly caused irreparable harm to my body.

But the first time I really figured things out, I made exponential steps towards my ideal weight.

The second thing I discovered had me return my metabolism right back to when I was a child again. The third gave me energy like I’d never experienced. And the fourth thing I figured out gave me mental sharpness like nothing in this world… I felt bulletproof. I was bulletproof.

More than that, I was able to start teaching other people how to start correctly on their own journey just like me. And I decided to start teaching these folks and their results were amazing. This resulted in one of the key things I realised and now always share, which is: No Diets.

Since I started teaching others how to do this, and how to never diet again I’ve helped create over 400 transformation breakthrough success stories.

I’ve helped more than 400 women in particular gain the energy they wanted in their lives.

And I’ve helped over 1,200 mothers quit commercial healthcare products and switch to natural, eco-friendly alternatives on their own.

So when I tell you that I know how to gain true energy, I know how to lose weight safely easily and enjoyably - I really mean it and I have the track record and the case studies and the client results to really prove that.

So I set about seeking ways to teach others the methods that not only I went through but my students went through to achieve these profound life-changing results.
And more than that, from early beginnings I realised the very best way to deliver this information was through a video course, and I was able to create The Truth Series and really start a health and wellness business which has now really taken off and its helping thousands of people all over the world quit the traditional path of diets, crazy exercise, and other crazy fads and pretty much being a slave to the system with zero energy - and really start their own transformative breakthrough by discovering the real Truth about diets and figuring out how to have the energy, freedom and vitally healthy body that you desire instead.

Now I focus really on just 3 key things. 

And these 3 things you will likely not have heard anywhere else.

Because right now if I look out my window, and I really look at the advice that most people are just shoving down everyone’s throats (sometimes literally!) right now, it’s really disturbing: You know, most people right now are giving the wrong advice. They’re telling people to do the wrong things, health-wise.

I have made it my life's mission to debunk all of those myths and provide the truthful solid advice that folks can really use and take away so that you can start your own transformative breakthrough and gain the balance and the energy back in your life too.

Here’s the 3 things:

Number 1: I start by showing you how to START RIGHT and help your body in a way that actually provides it with what it needs to gain energy and lose weight, effortlessly.

So right now in the weightloss industry, I see a huge problem that’s plaguing everyone and it’s widespread, and that’s DIETING. You know... most people are dieters.

They’re trying this diet, or that diet, at any price. And this isn’t even a plan that works because its being run by corporations who don’t want you to gain your health back. Even some of the things like the keto plan - even this can have difficulties long-term if you don't know what you're doing... Trust me, I've been there.

It's like this is glorified human body for hire, and they’ll feed you whatever it takes to keep you in their systems.

(And I’m sorry if that’s you, but that’s not the way to run your body or your life).

And the correct way to run your body and your life is to START RIGHT with what I refer to as Mindset TRUTH, clean out all the garbage you’ve been fed, and REBUILD it back up CORRECTLY by focusing on how you are being.

And what I show you is how to really START RIGHT, to show you what was holding you back in your body from really making it work optimally, find out what untruths you’ve been told before, and then step in as the provider of value to you and provide you with the full transformation YOU desire.

So that’s number 1.

Number 2.
And this is pretty different… You probably haven’t heard this anywhere else, but the second point I realised I needed to figure out before I could gain the body I desired was: How to become a different person.

And so this isn’t even really health advice, but if you were to ask me in my story and in my evolution of going from someone who was overweight, lacking energy, drive, depressed etc. to the point where I am now where my energy levels are ON POINT and I’ve got my metabolism right back to when I was a pre-teen, the one thing that’s really made the most profound change is becoming a new person.

And what I mean by that is that most people are limited by the mind and the character which they have defined for themselves... Most people have this thing which they call me, or their self.

And whatever this thing is and whatever you’ve defined it as, that is really the cage that you put yourself in.

So a lot of people think: “Oh I can’t start a weightloss or energy program” and so they don’t even try because that’s not them.

But the truth is that’s just a myth.

You know actually "being yourself" is a myth.

And really, I'll share a webinar with you soon, that's going to show you how to escape the shackles of being yourself and really design a new character capable of achieving the body, energy levels, and mind, outlook on life that *you choose* in your life.

And really how to transcend yourself and GROW into this new person and achieve the body and energy and the life that you want.

So there’s number two.

Now Number 3 is I am going to show you the exact process that I am using right now in my health coaching business to take you, now, to the BEST version of you you could have ever thought possible.

I am going to show you the exact method, which involves Mindset TRUTH, leading to Being TRUTH. I’m going to pull back the curtain and explain everything about that.

It also involves a new approach to home, balance and your lifestyle that you may or may not be taking each day, and showing you how to make them actually work for you.

So have done over 20,000 hours of research, more than 15 years+ of self-body experimentation, and I’ve really studied this and I really turned it into an obsession until I figured out really what is the process that we can go through and take women and guys through to convert them from struggling, low energy, overweight or even depressed and anxious, and literally transform you in two months or less.

And right now my mission is to show you all of that.

I pull back the curtain, I walk you through the reasons why NOTHING has worked for you up to now, and I hold your hand as I guide you through the simple, easy to follow and easy to implement 3-step process that I teach all my clients.

So what I teach is of insane value compared to everything else that you’ve probably seen out there. I spent more than 15 years of self experimentation finely testing and discovering the *correct* knowledge about how to gain the mind, energy, body and lifestyle everyone truly desires. And I believe you’re really going to like what is here.

So what I encourage you to do right now is click here to view a webinar I created explaining more about this for you.

So if you are ready, and you now want to take your body, life and energy to the next level - where you see the body fat drop off with ease... Then just visit here to schedule a strategy session with me today, and we can get right to it!

Have a great day!

: Simon-Robert: Thomson.

: Simon-Robert: Thomson. helps people gain energy and lose weight, safely easily and effectively. He is an expert at helping people gain energy and lose weight using online methods and making things super simple to understand.
If you're interested in starting your own journey to discover the truth about health, why dieting doesn't work, and weightloss then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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