Stop the diets and taking 2 years... 5 years. Even 20 years seeking the body you deserve. My bet is you can achieve it in much less time. In Dream Body Secrets, you'll find out how - which is what you deserve. Here's what you get:

  • The Dream Body Secrets Blueprint - the exact steps to create your very own Dream Body.
  • Video strategy sessions - with all you need to start right on the road to great health, build the correct body foundations, and supercharge your energy levels back to when you were 5 years old again!
  • ​PLUS, you get 3 more Bonus blueprints to help guide you through the EXACT steps in this just-released system so you know how to create your Dream Body for life!
  • ​​All from: Simon-Robert: Thomson. & the Source Vital team who teach Dream Body Secrets to their clients all over the world. And, they have achieved the Dream Body themselves... using the EXACT same system


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My Life Has Completely Transformed

Simon just "gets it". He’s done the work. He just gets how the body works. He spends a tonne of time helping you as a client, he has dived real deep with all the knowledge he's figured out, and wisdom gained, he sees you, gets you to see yourself more powerfully than you ever have. It’s a huge trust process entering into this new way of viewing the body, but I felt so safe with Simon.

Elspeth Moore, Denver Colorado.

This is What I Needed for My Body

Because I want to be the best, I work with the best…who else would I ever want to work with? Just like I do, Simon-Robert and his team know that their clients’ success IS their success, and when you have things in that order, everything can be as successful as you want it to be. Anyone doubting you, especially you, is bringing that to your life and you'll never get the full extent of the results you are capable of. It takes a community who believe in your vision to get what you truly want from your health and body…and that is what I’ve experienced as a client of Simon-Robert and his team.

Suzanna De Lucia, Entrepreneur

He Turns Hopes & Dreams Into Reality

If you feel like you haven’t found the right person and you’ve wasted all this time and money doing other things, well Simon-Robert definitely is your man. I spoke with him last week and said he is a genius, and he’s got his processes and he helps everyone turn their body, energy, and mindset hopes and dreams into actual reality. So definitely the best thing you’ll ever do is work with him.

Sarah Harris, Mother of 2, Business Strategist

He Taught Me How To Use My Mind - for Health AND Wealth

My life was going okay. I'd have my up days and down days. But I could never get "that look" that my yoga ladies have had ever since I have known them. We'd be doing all the same classes but wasn’t getting anywhere near the look they had. They recommended Simon-Robert to me...  He knows the subtle tweaks I needed, to "turn my body on again". Is the best way I can describe it!

Sherri Tanner, Model & Entrepreneur

It's Been An Absolute Game Changer

He's just incredibly good at what he does. I started with Simon-Robert and he saw my current situation as a blessing in disguise and helped me see how I'd been showing up in life up to now. He is possibly the best listener, ever. I feel like he's my best friend, but we don't get drunk together! I really don't know what I'd do without him now. Simon-Robert has shown me a new way of growing into my best ever version.

Stacy Evans, Entertainment Producer

He Instantly Saw Where I Have Been Stuck

From the first days of working with Simon-Robert and his team he quickly could see what I could not. He had this different kind of energy, is the best way I can describe it, and it was this calm, exuding from every pore. When I came to him with an issue I am experiencing he would listen, and always guide me to the correct way of Being in order to bring me through the challenge I've been facing. Better yet, he taught me how to smile again! I've now been able to take this approach and apply it to see more opportunities around me.

Laura Webb, Senior Graphic Designer

An amazing system that works

I've worked with a lot of personal trainers and health advisers over the years on eating right, getting in exercise, doing the correct workouts, and none of them understood how the body actually works until I started working with Simon. Simon and his team completely nailed it for me! They helped me reframe my limiting beliefs, taught me who I actually am in this world, showed me how to erase the "morning blues" and low energy morning vibes I always had, and get my energy systems working! Having the team and a strategy in place with someone to hold you accountable with goals and timeframes, is such a breath of fresh air! Simon does exactly what he says he is going to do. He guided me through his amazing system that is so easy to follow AND most importantly make a part of my routine. Simon and his team are amazing, and this will make a big change to your health, wellness and life. 

Angela Jameson, Luxury Brands Consultant

Be the first in line to work with Simon-Robert

Simon-Robert, so glad I found you when I did. You've been an inspiration, guide, helper, should (to cry on!) and real soul brother for me at times when I didn't know where to turn. I love how you listen to everything I say, and tell me off - nicely, or bolster me up (depending on what I've needed !!!!) and that you show me how my dreams are not only possible but achievable - without hard work. I LOVE that!!!! Continue to shine on my love & know that your gift is to be the one here in these times whose head remains, whose integrity and heart shines, and who holds space for so many as we grow on this path.

For me, I just know that whoever has the chance to work/play! with you, they are in for a beautiful ride given that they don't even know how amazing what you teach is... Plus the physical results we all get help us know that if we had to do this over again we would teleport back 20 years to be first in line to work with you!

Ann Lawrence, MBA Vice-President, Accountancy Firm

I feel amazing from the inside out

I paired up with Simon-Robert to help me get into the best shape of my life, and I needed this program to help get the results I really desired. 

Not only did I lose weight but I feel energetic and revitalised. And the amazing thing about this program is that it really helps you to change your mindset, it's not just about losing weight it's about changing your mindset and being the best you can be. 

So I highly suggest this program and honestly, Simon-Robert was such a pleasure to work with and made this whole process so great for me. This whole process left me feeling energized! If you want to feel amazing & lose weight - the program is perfect for you. 

What's unique about this program is it changes you from the inside out - mind & body...... Simon-Robert is amazing and will make the process effortless and go by fast.

I realised also that the best indicator to find out what I NEED to do in my life to succeed, is to look at the things I'm putting off or didn't want to do. Thank you Simon-Robert for helping me step into the New Me!

Darriel Roy, Celebrity Interviewer & News Presenter
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